4 Hour Onsite Meeting

We will come to your office prepared with detailed questions and consult with you and your executive team and/or marketing staff for a 1/2 day.

During the meeting we will evaluate all aspects of your existing or planned program and then follow up with needed research. If more time is needed, we are happy to set up additional appointments.


20 Page Detailed Report

We will write up a full report with strategies and opportunitie for growth that will help you reach your desired target audience and convert them to customers with a targeted message and balanced marketing program across the online and traditional marketing spaces.

If more focus is needed in the online marketing area, we are happy to weight our recommendations to a specific aspect of your program.


Presentation of Recommednations

We will come to your place of business and present our findings and recommendations to you. We will meet with you, your CFO and any other stakeholders to ensure that all questions are answered and action items are clear.

As needed our agency side of the business will help you execute any new marketing programs that you wish to pursue.