Marketing Planning

Formulate your online and offline strategic marketing plan to launch a business or put your business back on the growth curve. Develop or reexamine your market budget along with your marketing mix. Create your brand identity, brand positioning and unique selling proposition.

We have specific pricing packages that are very cost effective. Just ask.


Web Marketing Consulting

Develop your web marketing and content strategy. Build your online marketing and advertising program with an integrated, cohesive tactical plan. Or tackle a specific area such as Google Adwords marketing or blogging.

Includes SEO, Social Media, Website Consulting, Video Marketing, Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, and PR.

We can work with you in a project, retainer or hourly basis.


PR Consulting

Perhaps you are looking to get word out to the street, or you need to protect your online reputation and reputation in your market. Our PR consulting helps you formulate the right PR strategy with the right approach to accomplish your goals.

We can work with you in a strategic cponsulting relationship or help you by developing your PR materials.